PMIHNL Advanced Topic Series: The Business Analysis Work of Projects

August 24, 2019

Those darn requirements! You worked so hard to get them (or was that your first challenge – just getting the needs, not the wants?) and now your precious stakeholders want to change them…again! And how do you know your product will actually be used and valued once it is fully deployed into operations? Valuable activities happen all through your project to help make it a success that fall under the category of “Business Analysis”. Come join Jamie and learn about the business analysis tasks and techniques for project-based work. She will guide you through key activities of elicitation, requirements capture, analysis, verification, validation and approvals and managing changes throughout the lifecycle of a project. Then we’ll go over key activities that turn your product into a solution for lasting value. Hands on techniques and structure to consider for both traditional and adaptive work will be included along with a healthy dose of fun! For project managers who want to learn more about analysis techniques, to project-based business analysts, to those who manage these valuable roles and want to know the value of having two roles (or the challenges a single person often carries!), to anyone doing change-based work will find enormous value in these few hours of practical and application focused work!