Approaches to Engage Stakeholders (and avoid stupid questions)!

November 4, 2021

So you’ve gone virtual and you’re having WAY too much fun just getting people together, let alone being productive in each meeting over meeting! And once they finally figure out how to unmute (and mute!) themselves, now you have to deal with hybrid environments. Let’s look at some of our best and most effective business analysis techniques and learn how we make sure they stay effective no matter how our worlds change.

Even more importantly – let’s focus on how we get our stakeholders to work with EACH OTHER and do some serious collaboration! Join Jamie as she packs as many tips and tricks to facilitate digital collaboration in this workshop while giving you the opportunity for hands-on practice. Learn some different tools in ACTION so that you can immediately apply them and build some excitement! And identify the approaches you need to consider so that you enable collaboration as much as possible and get to really focus on your business analysis work that delivers successful solutions.
This workshop is meant to be hands on, bring your real-world challenges (change the name of the guilty please!), and prepare ourselves for conquering the opportunities of tomorrow!