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Smart Data-Driven Decision-Making

September 13, 2023

Every day we make multiple decisions in our work. Are the decisions well-informed, thought-through, and data-driven, or are they reactive, gut decisions? Some of these decisions, from small daily responses to strategic planning, can determine the direction and success of your business; you do not want to leave them to chance.

You do not need to be a data scientist or technical expert to leverage the power of data. You simply need to know some basics on how your business data is set up, and answer some structured, focused questions to help you make smart, informed decisions in all your work.

We will discuss how to present and communicate decisions to your manager, project teams, and in presentations to executive leadership. Learn how to craft a story of what business success looks like and how to structure your recommendations based on data so that decision-makers can make smart, well-informed decisions.

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