Facilitating Collaboration and Engagement

June 28 - July 1, 2022

Getting participants to engage and interact with each other can be challenging when we’re in the same room. So how do you even approach virtual and now hybrid-environments where you need everyone collaborating WITH each other no matter where their workplace is these days?!

Join Jamie Champagne as she helps walk you through not only the approaches but then the technologies that enable interaction and participation that leads to group-led and developed solutions. This is a hands-on session for you to experience how participation leads to buy-in and greater enthusiasm for successful outcomes. We’ll be walking through the considerations for setting up collaboration sessions, how to make it easy for your teams to be focused and engaged, and demonstrate how to leverage technology that enables you success. Multiple tools will be utilized and explained that you already have at your fingertips so that the technology actually becomes your friend. Come join Jamie in this interactive session to share your own challenges and dive in to learn and practice approaches and even some fun technologies to help you be successful wherever your teams work!