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Agile Analysis...the mythical unicorn and where you can find her...

September 24, 2021

While teams are being successful to deliver greater value at faster rates to organizations, often there are still challenges in understanding what is needed compared to what is wanted. With a focus on delighting our customers, we want to ensure we don’t lose sight of those business goals. We want to ensure we’re building solutions that will last and not just the latest product feature. We want to be able to do successful analysis work without holding up the delivery team! This is where agile analysis comes into play. How to analyze not only those requirements during delivery sprints, but help owners make smart decisions about their initiatives and align them to organizational strategy. What does it look like to trace a requirement throughout an agile project lifecycle? What tools and considerations do I need to have to help the team problem solve and work to get the valuable feedback to drive informed decision making?

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