Creative and Practical Approaches to Effective BA Techniques

June 26-30, 2022

IIBA®’s BABOK® provides 50 techniques and the Agile Extensions provide another 24 techniques as tools for business analysts to have at their hands to walk the gauntlet of challenges they will face as they lead the charge to provide business value to an organization. Reading how to do something is one thing but learning how to do it, applying it and then building upon your own skill set is a completely other side of the equation of these useful techniques. Let alone, how do you have fun and not only engage your stakeholders, customers and clients, but get them also collaborating together and enjoying the change work for successful outcomes?

This tutorial session will focus on student participation and hands-on practice of using techniques directly from the the BABOK® Guide and Agile Extensions in new and innovative ways. Thoughts for what to do when your best practices fail to deliver and you need to adjust to delight your customer will be emphasized as core takeaways of the session. And how to have some fun by being innovative!