Project Summit Business Analysis World Orlando Key Note




Type: Keynote
Tuesday April 17
8:30am to 9:45am
Credits: 1 PMI PDU

  • Description

    Life is meant to be fun. You should be having fun when you do things. If you’re not having fun, then why even do these things? “Fun”, “Innovative”, “Creative”, “Entertaining” – these are all things we look for in our leaders, teammates and fellow collaborators, yet, rarely do we see job descriptions, duties or work place expectations ever mention these adjectives when describing the functions and approaches they expect their teams to take. So how do you build “fun” into the daily grind? How can you be innovative and lead from the middle or below? What elements can you introduce so that you and your teams look forward to the work in front of you? Or how about just a little perspective so you can feel good about yourself? Join us as Jamie Champagne takes us through a new lens of how to consider our approach to work, community, family and life. See where fun is all around us and gain the key concepts you can use to immediately find enjoyment in where the world takes you. Leaders will learn fresh perspectives to gain trust and engage their teams while future leaders and those even starting their careers can learn how their own thoughts and ideas can be brought into the workplace and applied for greatness! All attendees will be exposed to how to get comfortable with actually enjoying what you do and those you work with through the chaos of actions that swirl around us daily.


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