Project World Business Analysis World Toronto Day 2


Share what?? What’s the point of SharePoint??

Type: Symposium Track Session
Track: Technology
Tuesday May 28
10:15am - 11:15am
Credits: 1 - PMI PDU - Technical, 1 - IIBA CDU

“It’s on SharePoint – just go get it there!” Have you heard this and yet still have no clue what this means? There are quick and easy ways to share information and we’re going to focus on those tips and tricks that make it easy and most importantly – simple! Want to find the most up to date status report? Hate sifting through versions of files in emails not knowing what is “current”? Or confused how to send a file attachment that is way too big for email? Then let’s talk SharePoint!

Learning Objectives
  • Know what the heck “SharePoint” even is (and why I should care!)
  • Learn the basic features that Microsoft SharePoint is good for (and what it is NOT!)
  • Learn how to put a few minutes back into your day (and stop searching for stuff!)


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