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Collaboration & Engagement: Wherever Your Teams Are!

As our world continues, organizations and their teams, locations, practices, and even technology and markets will also adapt and change.

Gain deep insights into how to inspire teams to positively and proactively engage in projects to deliver real (and measurable) results. This course will provide you with the tools to engage WITH your team members, letting them lead the charge to accomplish great things!

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Understanding Change Management and How to Do it!

We have all heard that change is “hard,” yet the world around us is constantly changing. People in businesses of all industries need to be able to grasp what change is and why it is essential to their organizations. Communication is key, and being able to measure and explain your changes can be almost as important as getting people to actually change.

This hands-on course teaches you how to build your change management plan not only on the tasks for completing your change but also on how you will engage with the people you work with.

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Women in Leadership - Own Your Seat!

The number of women in leadership roles is growing in all industries and areas of business. As we seek to decrease the gender divide, skilled women leaders are essential for the success of any organization.

Whether you are currently in a leadership position or seen as a leader in your community, learn and practice skills that focus on driving actions, empowering others, and continually building yourself up as you remain a role model for colleagues.

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