Incorporation of Fun

Incorporation of Fun

Champagne Collaborations 05 Jul 2018 0 Comments

A fun perspective on work!

Building Fun INTO Work

As much as I enjoy having fun daily in my work activities, others have stated that they are challenged to bring a light-weight mood to the environment where the work is so serious.  Realizing that fun is meant to be part of the work rather than separate, there are such tiny elements and perspectives that you can do to really bring in some fun and energy to what feels like boring, task-based work.

Take for example, the simple personification of an issue or even a role.  In a workshop that I so enjoyed, physically representing the key players or constraints with real-world objects helped attendees physically 'see' the resource constraints they were facing.  We all know budgets are tight and people are overly busy, assigned to multiple projects, but having tangible objects really painted a picture they could get their hands around (literally!).  And then use something that the team resonates with.  The picture above shows construction toys as we were talking about the elements to build.  In Hawaii, a number of people love to go to Las Vegas and so bringing in poker chips is an element many of my stakeholders have connections with.  It becomes more fun than the average task assignment, yet there is greater focus and understanding by your stakeholders to really complete the work in a timely and quality manner now that they are concentrating on the tangible.

This is why prototypes are so valuable and are finding to be a requirement when you are doing user-centered design.  Users need something they can actually use (or at least interact with) to give you more valuable feedback while quickly coming up to speed as to the given context and purpose.  These are great points to interweave your fun directly into the work and actually really gets your stakeholders on board!

How about you?  What are some FUN tactics you do to build fun into your work?


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