Measure the Success of a BA
Champagne Collaborations 04 Sep 2018 0 Comments

We all know we need a Business Analyst...but how do we measure their value?  .

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Starting in a new BA Environment
Champagne Collaborations 07 Aug 2018 0 Comments

How does a Business Analyst thrive in a new environment when they have never worked in that industry before nor does the organization have any maturity around business anlaysis value?  .

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Do you know the context?  Do you know YOUR context? .

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Keeping It Real - BA Job Descriptions
Champagne Collaborations 11 May 2018 0 Comments
What's in your Job Description? . Read More

How do you define the role of a Business Analyst?  .

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Where to start with Business Analysis
Champagne Collaborations 13 Apr 2018 0 Comments

What do you say when people ask you where to start with business analysis?  .

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