Measure the Success of a BA
Champagne Collaborations 04 Sep 2018 0 Comments

We all know we need a Business Analyst...but how do we measure their value?  .

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SHOW me, don't tell me!
Champagne Collaborations 21 Aug 2018 0 Comments

"A requirement is a usable representation of a need" BABOK(R) Guide - is your BA work a "useable representation"?

SHOW me the business analysis work

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Starting in a new BA Environment
Champagne Collaborations 07 Aug 2018 0 Comments

How does a Business Analyst thrive in a new environment when they have never worked in that industry before nor does the organization have any maturity around business anlaysis value?  .

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Jamie and I have been discussing ways that we keep it real for business analysts. Here are four skills to consider improving to help you be a 'REAL BA' and be directed like a puppet!  .

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Planning for business analysis work always has two sides of the scenario.  First, we often think about the technical aspects and discuss the approach and methodologies used, the techniques and requirements and outcomes.  However, every business analysis activity, thought and goal has the human side to it.  And not simply the stakeholders, but the BA themselves.  Good BAs produce results while really successful BAs are able to continue generation of value for themselves which in turn drives continuous organizational value. .

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