Work Should Be Fun

Work Should Be Fun

Champagne Collaborations 24 May 2018 0 Comments

Do you have FUN at work?

Work Should Be Fun!

Do you have FUN at work?  Are you enjoying learning, problem solving and building tomorrow's future?  I always have fun because I love what I do.  However, some people I've met are not having the same fun.  I am so excited to present at Project Summit BA World Conferences this summer in Washington DC where I'll get to share about bringing the fun back into your workplace.  There was something though that struck me today to not forget:

Keep it Simple!

The most fun we often have is when we are not over complicating it (Yes my BAs with analysis paralysis....I'm talking to you!). Keeping it simple is a key to having fun.

Do you put toys out on the desk when doing a training session?  There is scientific evidence that fidgeting can encourage ideas and interaction in adult learning.  But how much more fun is the environment if there are chocolate and toys on the table.  Even if not specifically tied to the content itself, it lightens the mood and tells people that it is okay to be open and try something cause this is obviously different from the boring meetings we are often used to.

Do you keep it simple?  Do you keep it fun?

This is why we have so much FUN when doing any of our trainings - feel free to join us for an in-person, hands-on workshop where of course we have a good time!

Any other simple ideas?  Please share your simple ideas as well!  


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