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We are pleased to offer a number of training events to our community, both local and abroad!

What you will learn...

Training topics are based on industry best practices and collaboration with other experts in the fields of knowledge to deliver high-quality training that helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve greater business value.

  • Introductory to advanced courses based on industry bodies of knowledge to discuss the roles of business analysis, project management and process improvement and how different structures in organizations bring value and drive business success.

  • Our exam prep courses prepare students to take industry standard certifications by walking them through the different certifications available, the application process, the topics covered and how to approach a study plan to successfully pass the examinations.

  • Business analysis and project management techniques that value hands-on participation at all levels of learners' experience to help them not only achieve their project tasks, but to grow their interaction and facilitation skills needed to help teams and organizations deliver value-based changes.


Knowledge does not exist in a box so neither should you be stuck in a classroom all day.  Champagne Collaborations is pleased to offer online options for you to join us and collaborate on bringing business value.

  • Key topic webinars are great introduction to a critical topic or skill in today's world of business analysis and project management in a short amount of time to give you value in smaller segments.  

  • Training webinars are deeper dives into the key topics to walk through the structure of how to best apply key techniques, overcome challenges and work with your stakeholders for greater business value.  These average one to a few hours in length that can be attended live or watch on demand.

  • Customized webinars can scale from introductory sessions to full multi-day multi-time zone training sessions for dispersed teams to bring that specific value that is customized to your current challenges and goals.  Contact Us today to learn more on all our training options!  



In Person

Training includes traditional in person training options founded on interaction and active participation on key topics in today's environments.

  • Standard courses offered every year that cover introduction to business analysis, definition of the key concepts and examination prep courses founded on industry standards.

  • Topic-specific one day sessions where students take a deeper dive into particular topics for a deeper understanding of the techniques and concepts to help you be successful in your daily activities.

  • Customized training collaboratively developed to meet the individual needs of your teams and organizations.  Contact Us today to discuss how we can work together!

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Jamie Champagne greatly enjoys sharing the knowledge and approaches to bringing business value with multiple audience and environments.   Here are some videos of past presentations.

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Our Clients' Testimonials


A small sampling of testimonials from our diverse client base!

  • Michael Kebo

    It has been a true pleasure to work alongside you and also watch you work….who knew process flows could be so much fun?! You are a consummate professional and the caliber of your work has certainly exceeded my expectations. Your attention to detail is exacting and your time management skills are really something to behold. Not only do you take a genuine interest in engaging with and getting to learn about your clients’ business processes, you manage to make the entire process engaging and conversational while mapping flows in real time. You stepped into the leadership role in spearheading not only stakeholder interviews but also documenting requirements while keeping the client’s big picture goals in mind and deftly steering their focus to distill legitimate business requirements from established processes and procedures. In short you made my life infinitely easier and allowed me to sleep easy at night knowing that in your extremely capable hands the job would not only get done correctly but on time and under budget. For that I can’t thank you enough!

    Michael Kebo

    Vice President, ATSolutions
  • Kevin C. Bell

    The Business Analysis community of Hawaii is forever grateful to Jamie for her unbridled passion toward the profession and her eagerness to extend it beyond anything anyone in the Aloha State could ever imagine.

    Jamie’s service to the Business Analyst community extends well beyond her involvement with the IIBA Hawaii Chapter. Her community leadership role is pivotal as both an organizational and thought leader for Business Analysts within Hawaii and beyond.

    Her energy and passion about the Business Analysis profession are contagious, and her willingness to help others achieve their professional goals is exemplary of genuine leadership.

    Kevin C. Bell

    Previous Student
  • Ron Dalton

    An amazing leader, a passionate BA and great speaker!

    She is truly passionate about the profession of Business Analysis and her energy is contagious. Jamie is articulate and always does a great job in bringing clarity to her topics. I highly recommend Jamie and I’m happy to sing her praises.

    Ron Dalton

    President, NetProfit
  • Sarika Jain CFA, MBA, CBAP

    You are a powerhouse presenter, look forward to seeing more of your work and being in your sessions.

    Sarika Jain CFA, MBA, CBAP

    Senior Business Systems Analyst at BC LDB