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Conferences and Events

Champagne Collaborations, L.L.C., is excited to offer many opportunities both locally and abroad to share, learn and grow your business analysis, project management and process improvement skills!  Check out the many offerings today!

Business Process Improvement

You are busy enough throughout the day just trying to get things done. Trying to improve a process seems only to require more effort. But what if it didn’t? And what if you could measure and show how small changes lead to cost and time savings? This one-day course will introduce you to definitions of process improvement that are immediately actionable! Bring current work processes with you to use as real-world exercises. Discover how simple daily tasks - such as organizing and submitting forms, printing, filing or scheduling - can be streamlined to add time back to your day! Hands-on practice will walk you step by step through processes that can be immediately applied to your own teams and organizations for dramatic, measurable improvements.

February 20, 2020
Honolulu, HI


Women in Leadership - Own Your Seat!

The number of women in leadership roles is growing in all industries and areas of business. As we seek to decrease the gender divide, skilled women leaders are essential for the success of any organization. Whether you are currently in a leadership position or seen as a leader in your community, learn and practice skills that focus on driving actions, empowering others, and continually building yourself up as you remain a role model for colleagues.

March 12, 2020
Honolulu, HI


Enterprise Data World 2020

Would you love if data requirements were actually built INTO solutions, and not an afterthought? Or have you done the hard work to structure and organize the data so it's powerful but can’t get the organization to use it? Let’s talk about data requirements in terms your stakeholders actually buy into! Make sure to use my code for extra discount!

March 22, 2020
San Diego, CA


PSBA World 2020 Orlando

Jamie will be speaking on agile analysis, how to ask good questions and then her popular all day workshop (7 PDUs/CDUs!) on being a successful change agent at this year's Project Summit Business Analysis world conference in Orlando, FL!

April 6-8, 2020
Orlando, FL


Effective Communication for Today's Leaders

As a leader, it's not about how much or how often you communicate, it's the quality and the effectiveness of your communication that matters. In this course, we will look at communication from a different perspective: from the receiver's point of view. We will focus on redefining communication based on outcomes, determining communication metrics and goals, and ways to measure communication success. Throughout the course, we will practice new approaches to communication. The success of your communications by what gets done and more importantly what is communicated back to YOU!

April 15, 2020
Honolulu, HI


Engaging and Communicating WITH Your Stakeholders

Get your team engaged, proactive, and ready to jump into the next project to accomplish great things. This course will address ways to engage WITH your team members, letting them lead the charge, and drive great (and measurable) results. You will learn how to conduct actionable brainstorming sessions, work together as a team to prioritize activities, run productive meetings, and ask the right questions to get decisions made to move projects forward.

April 22, 2020
Honolulu, HI


PSBA World 2020 Washington DC

Come join Jamie in Washington, DC, as she speaks not only about agile analysis and her popular session on asking good questions fast! But then join her for full day hands-on workshop in her exciting process improvement course and earn valuable techniques (and PDUs & CDUs!)!

May 4-6, 2020
Washington, DC


PM&BA World 2020 Toronto

Jamie's excited to be back in Toronto to not only share about agile analysis, but give you some productivity hacks as well as have some fun in her energizing process improvement workshop! Come have some fun (and earn some PDUs/CDUs)!!

May 25-28, 2020
Toronto, ON