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Articles and Resources

Check out some of these articles and resources to help you in your change efforts!  

The Business Case for Certifications

usiness analysis as a profession continues to mature in the world today and with that comes organizations and certifications indicating experience and knowledge. These certifications take time and money to achieve, and there are many different options, so it’s important to consider the business case of certification.

December 2, 2019
Measuring the Value of the Business Analyst Role

Once we see a business analyst in action, we can see the value. But how do you quantify soft skills of an enabler that helps others be more successful and deliver greater value? Let’s consider some metrics and ways to approach measuring the value of a business analyst.

May 16, 2019
Defining the Role of the Business Analyst

In the CIO.com blog on 'The Value of the Business Analyst', Jamie starts the discussion on the role of the business analyst today and key considerations to the value a BA can provide an organization.

April 1, 2019
Feedback Is A Gift! Accepting And Utilizing Feedback

How often do you thank someone for the incredible feedback you have just received? We work so hard to get feedback but then do you appreciate the person giving the feedback or just over analyze what you were given? In this BA Times article, Jamie discusses the value of feedback and how to change your perspective on this valuable resource!

January 9, 2019