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Technology I Can't Live Without

From apps to SAAS and every other acronym in between – these are the favorite pieces of technology that enables collaboration to happen for Jamie and her partners in all areas of business and change-based work!


This is Jamie’s go-to tool for managing ALL those passwords! A password generator so strong and secure, then synced across ALL your computers and mobile devices and even upgrade for secure VPN access?!?! What could be better! And all for a great low price – signup today and save time while knowing you’re secure!


This is my go to for visual designs - from process models, to context diagrams and data flows and even virtual sticky notes, this is THE tool I can't live without to get visual in all my work! Also for my MS Visio users that go to a MAC, this is the software you need (and will want!)


Did you love the session Jamie just did? You can quickly give feedback here! The best part? You can grab your own FREE account and get instant (and data-driven) feedback on your presentations, trainings, and other events!


Can't keep up with your social media posts? Then look no further! Zoho Social is THE tool I use to post on all social media platforms! Zoho Social lets you post, schedule, monitor, and measure media content all from one interface!

Join through my referral link and receive credit towards renewals, upgrades, and new licenses!

People I Love Collaborating With

Looking for amazing collabraprenuers and those that help you quadruple the value you’re delivering?  Then look no further than these amazing partners Jamie and her community enjoy working with to deliver some amazing outcomes in a fun environment!

Vince Mirabelli

Vince is one of the most passionate and strategic thinking business analysis professional in the game and I love partnering with him on bringing valuable and FUN analysis training to those around the world! Check out all his offerings at Love the Process Academy!

Must Have Resources in My Toolbox

Productivity, process improvement, and just simply enjoying oneself and having some great fun are normally supported with same amazing tools!  Here’s Jamie’s collection of favorite things for on and off the road (or on a wave…)!

Chase Sapphire Reserve

This is THE credit card I use for my business. Sure the fee may seem high, but you get credit statement every year for travel purchases, you get Priority Pass lounge access and your points are great for transferring to your favorite airlines or purchasing cheap tickets and products!

Jamie is proud to directly highlight tools that enable maximum effectiveness and efficiency.  This page represents her direct personal opinions and any reviews are done independently.  However, she may receive a commission should you decide to purchase any products from this page. 

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