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Imagine walking out of a room so motivated and energized that you feel you could change the world!  Imagine the energy pulsating to accomplish more in your professional and personal life that you try something new with the first person you encounter.  Excited?  Then listen to Jamie Champagne.  A professional business analyst, engaging and interactive speaker and successful change agent and coach, Jamie takes industry best practices and presents them in innovative ways to not only engage her audiences, but to also give them tools and techniques to immediately apply in both their professional and personal lives.  Her keynotes and seminars invigorate attendees with real-world ideas to produce amazing successes. 

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Popular Programs and Topics

Life is Meant to be FUN!

Work and fun are not separate ideas that never meet, but rather are uniquely integrated by focusing on key aspects of personal, team and organizational interactions and perspectives.  This keynote presentation brings a new perspective to having fun in organizations of all sizes that leaves attendees motivated, smiling and of course, having fun!


Creative and Innovative Approaches to Engage Your Stakeholders

Presented as both an engaging symposium session as well as full day hands-on workshops, these sessions take industry best practices and techniques and gives audiences a different way to use them, having fun, overcoming challenges and producing amazing results.


Let’s Avoid Stupid Questions!  How to ask questions that make you look good (and get things done!)!

“Time is short” is an understatement!  When you have a precious few seconds to understand what the other person needs (not just wants!) and must then even faster process the request and respond, any questions you ask must be on point and direct towards accomplishing the goal.  This symposium session gives attendees insight into how to ask good questions that drive to giving you everything you need to know to quickly be effective in almost any situations.

The value of Business Analysis With Jamie Champagne

Jamie shares with you the power of business analysis and how she can help your teams succeed.

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