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Business Process Improvement

Honolulu, HI
June 19, 2024

You are busy enough throughout the day just trying to get things done. Trying to improve a process seems only to require more effort. But what if it didn’t? 

This fast-paced course will introduce you to definitions of process improvement that are immediately actionable. Bring current work processes with you to use as real-world exercises.

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Collaboration Chats: Working with Change 

June 20, 2024

Join Jamie in these “office hours” sessions to continue exploring business analysis topics, today’s relevant issues, and ask questions about what’s happening in the world of business analysis, anything from a recent course or training, or just have some fun exploring the different sides to analysis and project-based work!

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Business Analysis

Honolulu, HI
June 26, 2024

Business analysis is about digging into what's going on, understanding what's not quite right, and helping a company make intelligent decisions to fix things and do better. Think of it as the Sherlock Holmes of the business world, using data and conversations to crack the case and to the company run smoother.  This course will help you learn how to use Business Analysis to find the right solutions and to help your organization run smoothly.

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